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1. The Square
Located almost dead-centre of the town, The Square has been used as a market area since the 13th century.

Nowadays the area is often used for events and entertainment, though occasional specialist markets take place throughout the year.

The Music Hall - Shrewsbury

The Music Hall

The Music Hall is located at the Princess Street end of the Square. Constructed in 1840, the building is the town's new museum and art gallery. Shrewsbury Visitor Information centre is also located in the building. Until recently it served as Shrewsbury's main theatre, replaced in February 2009 by the magnificent Severn Theatre at Frankwell.

The Old Market Hall

Directly opposite the Music Hall is the Old Market Hall, built in 1596. The Hall originally served as a cloth market upstairs and a produce market on the ground level.

The Old Market Hall Shrewsbury

Above the main arch you will see a statue of a man in armour, he is thought to have been the Duke of York. This sculpture was originally located on the Welsh Bridge, it was moved to its current location on the orders of the town mayor in 1771.

Recently the Market Hall building has been beautifully refurbished as an arts venue and café, showcasing films and digital media.

Clive of India Statue

At the far end of the square a stone statue dominates, it’s another of Shrewsbury's famous sons , it is Robert Clive, Clive of India.

Clive of India Statue, Shrewsbury

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