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5. To Quarry Park
This stage of your travels involves quite a long walk. Make your way back across English Bridge to the start of Wyle Cop, but instead of climbing the hill back towards the town centre, bear left into Beeches Lane at the first set of traffic lights.

Continue straight onto Town Walls until you reach St Chad's Terrace.

St Chad's Church, Shrewsbury

St Chad's Church

You will see the magnificent St Chad's Church on your right and the entrance to the Quarry Park on your left. This unusual ‘round’ church was built in the 19th century.

In the grounds of the Church you can visit the ‘fake’ grave of Ebenezer Scrooge, it is a left over stage prop from when the movie ‘A Christmas Carol’. was filmed in Shrewsbury!

Quarry Park, Shrewsbury

The Quarry Park

Cross the road and take some time to stroll around the Quarry.

This 29 acre riverside park and is the home of the world famous Shrewsbury Flower Show, held in August each year.

Centrepiece to the park is ‘The Dingle’, a former stone quarry, but now a lovingly landscaped sunken garden.

Quarry Park, Shrewsbury

Percy Thrower, a famous TV garden presenter, was in charge of the town's parks before he became famous and was partially responsible for the development of the Dingle.

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