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Shrewsbury is located in Shropshire England.

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2. To St Alkmund's Place

Grope Lane

Fish Street, Shrewsbury
Fish Street

St Alkmund's Place, Shrewsbury
St Alkmunds Place

St Alkmunds Church

With your back to the Clive statue, cross High Street, turn right and stop at the narrow alleyway (or 'shut') on your left marked "Grope Lane" between the two black & white buildings.

Grope Lane
Now make your way to the top of Grope Lane. With its overhanging buildings, you can imagine how dark this alleyway would have been in medieval times. Some will tell you that its name originated in the fact that folk had to "grope" their way down the lane. Of course the more popular version is that the lane was once the "Red Light" district and the name is description of the activities that would take place after dark!

Fish Street
At the top of the lane stop for while and admire the medieval buildings and cobbled road known as Fish Street - one of the most photographed streets in the town.

Bear Steps
Walk up the short flight of steps opposite Grope Lane. This is another very short "shut" known as Bear Steps, supposedly named after a a pub "The Bear" which no longer exists. (If you are unable to negotiate the steps - just walk left to the top of Fish Street and you will arive at the far end of St Alkmund's Place).

St Alkmund's Place
You are now in St Alkmunds Place. The steps have taken you right through the centre of a 15th century building which now houses The Bear Steps Gallery and Cafe.

To your right you will see the beautiful St Alkmund's Church with its 15th century tower and magnificent east window.

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1. The Square
2. St Alkmunds Place
3. Shrewsbury Castle
4. Shrewsbury Abbey
5. Quarry Park
6. Shrewsbury Museum
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