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Shrewsbury is located in Shropshire England.

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3. To The Castle

Shropshire Records & Research, Shrewsbury
Shropshire Archives Office

Shrewsbury Libary, Shrewsbury
Shrewsbury Library

Shrewsbury Castle
Shrewsbury Castle

Turn left in to Butcher Row (past the Prince Rupert Hotel), then right onto Pride Hill. You are now in one of the town's main shopping areas - Pride Hill. Walk uphill through the pedestrian section, then continue straight onto Castle Street until you reach a narrow entrance on the left - School Gardens.

Shropshire Archives
This is the location of Shropshire Archives - an essential stop off for anyone researching family or local history in the county. The building houses a vast collection of records concerning the history of Shropshire including many Parish registers.

The Library
Back on Castle Street, just beyond School Gardens you will see the magnificent Library building - originally Shrewsbury School. Charles Darwin was educated here and you will see his statue outside.

The Castle
Cross the road to visit Shrewsbury Castle. Founded by Roger de Montgomery in 1074 the castle has undergone many transformations, the last being by Thomas Telford who "modernised" the building in the 18th century.

Today the castle houses the Shropshire Regimental Museum - a spectacular collection of military artifacts including uniforms, weapons and medals. An exhibition depicting the history of the castle is also on display. A small fee is charged for the museum, but you can visit the grounds for free - see "External Links" for details

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1. The Square
2. St Alkmunds Place
3. Shrewsbury Castle
4. Shrewsbury Abbey
5. Quarry Park
6. Shrewsbury Museum
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