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Shrewsbury is located in Shropshire England.

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Shrewsbury Churches

St Mary's Church

St Mary?s Church

Shrewsbury's best preserved medieval church. Saxon in origin, it was founded in 970, rebuilt 1150 and shows designs of most architectural periods from the 12th century onwards. The spire is 15th century and one of the tallest in England.

It has a beautiful Jesse window (1350). This window has been in 3 different locations, the first being at the Grey Friars near the English Bridge, then it moved to Old St Chad?s Church and ended up finally in this resting place for all to enjoy. Watch out for the plaque telling of the day a man thought he could fly from the top of the tower!

St Alkmund's

St Alkmund?s Church

Founded around 912 is also Saxon in origin. It has a 15th century tower (180 feet) but the remainder of the church was restored in 1794 because people feared it might fall down.

However it was so stable the tower could not be demolished!.

The church has a magnificent east window representing Faith with the inscription: ?Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life?.

St Chad's Church, Shrewsbury
St Chad's

St Chad?s Church

Originally built as a memorial to the first Bishop of Mercia in the 7th century. However the one you see today is the second church - the first fell down in the 18th century. Created in 1792 by the same architect who designed Attingham Park, the second church was placed in a new location, overlooking the Quarry Park.

At the time the design was regarded as controversial but you can now enjoy its lovely circular plan with pillars of differing styles. Inside is a beautiful staircase and pews arranged to look like a maze. In the graveyard you find the "fake" grave of Ebeneezer Scrooge - left here from the maiming of the movie "The Christmas Carol" in 1984.

Shrewsbury Abbey
Shrewsbury Abbey

Shrewsbury Abbey

Founded by Roger de Montgomery in 1083 on the site of a former Saxon Church, it was lucky to survive Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries. However it befell its own tragedy when engineer Thomas Telford drove his Hollyhead Road straight through the grounds, thus dividing it in half.

The Abbey acquired literary fame throughout the world as home of the fictitious monk "Brother Cadfael", created by Ellis Peters (Edith Pargeter). Nowadays there are many interesting features to view including the tomb of Roger de Montgomery and the Shrine of St Winifred.

The name of Shrewsbury-born poet Wilfred Owen appears on the War Memorial and you will also find a memorial to him outside in the grounds. In addition to regular church services the abbey hosts music and events throughout the year. Tours are also available most days.

Words by Martha Ledgard -

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