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Shrewsbury is located in Shropshire England.

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Shrewsbury Town Tour

Fish Street

Charles Darwin Statue

Shrewsbury Street Scene


On the following pages you will find a suggested circular walk around Shrewsbury covering a few of the key attractions. The tour is by no means comprehensive and just intended to give new visitors a flavour of the town. With over 600 listed buildings in the town it would be impossible for us to cover everything!

If you prefer escorted guided walks these can be arranged via Tourist Information.

The town centre is a bit of a Medieval maze - many of the streets are linked by alleyways (known as 'shuts') which are great fun for those exploring on foot, but not so good for vehicles. If you arrive by car, you may find it easier to use one of the Park & Ride schemes, rather than negotiate the complex one-way system currently in operation. See car park details on out Location page.

The actual walk takes you up and down hills and includes some steps, so may cause some problems for those with limited mobility.

On each of the following pages you will find a short description and photographs of each section of the walk. You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

In the right hand margin you will find a small map which also can be enlarged by clicking on it. Where appropriate we have also included links to more information about the subjects covered on each page.

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The Shrewsbury Tour

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1. The Square
2. St Alkmunds Place
3. Shrewsbury Castle
4. Shrewsbury Abbey
5. Quarry Park
6. Shrewsbury Museum
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