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Shrewsbury is located in Shropshire England.

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Shrewsbury People

Charles Darwin Statue

Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

Undoubtedly Shrewsbury's most famous son, Charles Darwin was born in Frankwell at a house called The Mount and there are various memorials around the town.

Although the Mount is in private ownership, the owners occasional open the building for special events.

He was educated at the original Shrewsbury School - now the town library. In front of the building you can see a statue of Charles placed there by the Shropshire Horticultural Society.

In 2003 the first Darwin Festival was held in his honour and it is hoped that this will develop major annual event in the town (see External Links for details of the next Darwin Festival).

Wilfred Owen Memorial

Wilfred Owen (1893-1918 )

Wilfred Owen was born in Oswestry and lived on Shrewsbury from 1907 until his death. One of the finest poets of the First World War, he enlisted into service on 1915, had a turbulent career with an interruption for shell-shock and then returned to the front, where he was killed in November 1918 (he is buried in France).

The majority of his known works were written from 1917-1918. His words have touched all who have read his works and moved many to tears.

Wilfred?s understanding that most war is fruitless is what made his work so poignant and even more so because it was the last week of the First World War that he was struck down. There is a memorial to him in the grounds of Shrewsbury Abbey.

Mary Webb (1881-1927)

Mary Webb, author of Precious Bane, was born near Shrewsbury and lived in the area for most of her life. Mary truly loved Shropshire and its people. For those who haven?t yet read her books, they are great way to find out what makes this area so special. She is buried in the main Shrewsbury Cemetery on Longdon Road.

Shrewsbury Abbey - home of Brother Cadfael
Shrewsbury Abbey

Ellis Peters
(born Edith Pargeter 1913-1995)

Ellis Peters was another local authoress who helped bring alive people?s awareness of Shropshire. Her writings included the Brother Cadfael books which wrere later made into a television series.

It is said that Shrewsbury Abbey had such meaning to her that the 12th century Benedictine monk was "born in her imagination at the abbey?. Even today Shrewsbury Abbey sees a constant stream of visitors from all over the globe following in the footsteps of the fictitious crime-busting monk!

Clive Statue

Clive of India (1725 - 1774)

Born in North Shropshire, Robert Clive was just 19 years old when he left for India. He attained fame for his many campaigns on the subcontinent which ultimately led to the consolidation of the British Colony.

Following his return to England, he became MP for Shrewsbury in 1761 and was elected to Mayor in 1762. A statue of Robert Clive dominates The Square in Shrewsbury centre.

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